A Golden Franchise Opportunity

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Our History

At Golden Chick we have almost 50 years’ experience in serving an exceptional product to our guests in a fast and friendly environment. Our chain began in 1967 in San Marcos, Texas. Serving great chicken to millions of people is our passion. We continue to quietly make people happy and also earn a respectable profit. Further, we practice what we preach so we don’t just dictate to franchisees how they should run the business; rather, we also operate our own Golden Chick restaurants, so we have firsthand knowledge of your issues and potential opportunities. In fact, we have company officers who are also Golden Chick Franchisees.

The Golden Philosophy

Many times franchisees sign on to a huge national chain only to lose the personal contact with key members of the management of their franchisor. At Golden Chick we are more like a family than a giant corporation. We are not extravagant in our spending. Our headquarters are not lavish and there is no corporate jet, and management levels will be familiar with you and your restaurant. At Golden Chick, our success depends on our franchisees. As a franchisee you are not a number to us and our steady, measured growth highlights this fact. That’s why we go the extra mile by being a “Full Service Franchisor”.

A Golden Franchise Opportunity

As a true American heritage brand approaching its 50th year of serving the best-tasting chicken in the industry, we work collaboratively in a franchise-centric organization with great support systems in place. Our Golden Chick franchise partners enjoy many advantages, including low start-up costs, superb ground up or conversion construction design, strong marketing and advertising support programs, and the best quality menu procedures in the business.

50 Years of Success…and Getting Better!
At Golden Chick we are all about two things – supporting our operator franchise partners and providing the best tasting food in the category. The Golden Chick concept is a family-oriented quick-service restaurant with dine-in, drive-thru, and optional delivery service capability. Our customers explain our concept best when they say we offer the best tasting chicken and the best choice of sides in the industry. Our menu is comprised of signature products from Golden Fried Chicken and Golden Tenders® made with our proprietary marination mixes and batters, to our hand-rubbed Golden Roast Chicken and southern-style catfish.

  • We are “The Original and Still the Best”™ – as the originator of Golden Tenders® – which have since become a mainstay in the QSR chicken category
  • We are a well-established brand with a highly loyal following
  • We provide ongoing R&D, Marketing, Promotions and LSM Support
  • We provide efficient store design that provides outstanding productivity
  • We offer ongoing training and field support

The future is bright at Golden Chick, and we are seeking qualified restaurant developers and operators to continue our growth. Golden Chick was recently named as one of the “NEXT 20” brands to break into the TOP 200 Restaurant Brands.

Introducing the Golden Chick Veterans Program

  • Golden Chick is a true American Heritage Brand and we are seeking true American Patriots to join our ranks. Golden Chick is proud to support those who have served. We welcome America’s heroes to consider becoming a Golden Chick Franchise Partner. The Golden Chick Veterans Program is offers qualified, honorably discharged veterans, a significant discount of 33% of the franchise fee.
  • To learn more about the Golden Chick Veterans Program, please contact Brian Gilbert at 214.273.6303 or briang@goldenchick.com

Franchisee Benefits

  • Assistance in the site selection process
  • Prototypical plans with specifications
  • National volume purchasing program to ensure great pricing on food and packaging without a mark-up from the franchisor
  • A list of approved equipment vendors with a proven track record
  • Golden Chick’s proprietary recipes
  • Assistance with store openings and ongoing support
  • Effective marketing materials and programs
  • Franchise Advisory Committee – Gives Franchisees a voice on key issues
  • Field support – Regional Directors will make visits to discuss and help solve problems related to costs, quality assurance and other issues to ensure the utmost profitability for our Franchisee
  • Use of the Golden Chick brand name, trademarks and slogans

Candidate Qualifications

We are determined to help people get into our business, and as a result, we have proven to be very flexible and creative in opening doors for people who might be summarily rejected by our larger competitors. Although it would certainly make things easier for you, restaurant experience is not required to operate a Golden Chick. We have the experience to teach you what you need to know. What you do need is a customer friendly attitude, a desire to work hard, and a willingness to follow our proven methods. Rather than specify a required minimum net worth for you to become a franchisee, we are willing to consider your circumstances, draw upon our resources, and look for ways to put you into business.

Initial Investment

If you qualify, we will send you a copy of our Franchise Disclosure Document so you may review our complete disclosure and make a fully-informed business decision.

The following document is from Item 7 of our current Franchise Disclosure Document which shows the range of costs we estimate will be required to open a 45-seat Golden Chick franchise restaurant. Golden Chick Franchise Initial Investment (PDF)

*International and area development fees will vary.

We Want to Hear From You

Additional information on franchising opportunities with Golden Chick can be found in our supporting sections on this site and in our Franchise Brochure, including details on franchise fees, initial investment, franchise support and more. If you’re interested in a Golden Chick Franchise opportunity, we would like to hear from you. Please complete our Franchise Information Request Form and we’ll get in touch with you.

The document below will help you understand the next steps involved in the franchising process.
Golden Chick Franchise – The Next Steps (PDF)

International Inquiries

Japan, South Korea, Taiwan

Contact: Golden Franchising Corporation, Monty Whitehurst, (972) 868-5542, montyw@goldenchick.com

Singagpore, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Brunei

Contact: Golden Franchising Corporation, Monty Whitehurst, (972) 868-5542, montyw@goldenchick.com

Contact: Golden Franchising Corporation, Monty Whitehurst, (972) 868-5542, montyw@goldenchick.com

Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Oman and Jordan

Contact: Golden Franchising Corporation, Brian Gilbert, (972) 831-0911, briang@goldenchick.com

Contact: Golden Franchising Corporation, Monty Whitehurst, (972) 868-5542, montyw@goldenchick.com

Contact: Golden Franchising Corporation, Brian Gilbert, (972) 831-0911, briang@goldenchick.com

For information or questions about Territory Development please contact Brian Gilbert (972) 831-0911.

NOTE: The sales information contained within this web site is not an offer. Such information is a brief summary of the Golden Chick franchise program, which may change from time to time. Offers are only made in locations where Franchisor may legally do so, and are pursuant to a valid disclosure document.