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Candidate Qualifications

We are determined to help people get into our business, and as a result, we have proven to be very flexible and creative in opening doors for people who might be summarily rejected by our larger competitors. Although it would certainly make things easier for you, restaurant experience is not required to operate a Golden Chick. We have the experience to teach you what you need to know.  What you do need is a customer friendly attitude, a desire to work hard, and a willingness to follow our proven methods. Rather than specify a required minimum net worth for you to become a franchisee, we are willing to consider your circumstances, draw upon our resources, and look for ways to put you into business.

NOTE: The sales information contained within this web site is not an offer. Such information is a brief summary of the Golden Chick franchise program, which may change from time to time. Offers are only made in locations where Franchisor may legally do so, and are pursuant to a valid disclosure document.