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Franchise, Royalty & Advertising Fees

* Initial Franchise Fee: $30,000 first location, $18,000 for each additional location.

NOTE: The Franchise Fee for each location in the Houston & Beaumont markets is $45,000 per location

* Royalty Fee: 4% of Gross Revenues (excluding sales tax). 5% in the San Antonio, Houston and Beaumont markets

* Advertising Fund: 2% local co-op funds/1% National Ad Fund

* Agreement Term: 20 years with one 10 year renewal option

Other fees can be determined by reviewing Item 6 of our Franchise Disclosure Document.


For franchising information in the Greater Houston and Beaumont markets, contact Lee Sanders, Rocket Chicks. L.P., Exclusive Area Developer. 952.994.5879.

*International and area development fees will vary.

NOTE: The sales information contained within this web site is not an offer. Such information is a brief summary of the Golden Chick franchise program, which may change from time to time. Offers are only made in locations where Franchisor may legally do so, and are pursuant to a valid disclosure document.